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Inbound Marketing Pricing & Packages

Get everything from a website to powerful digital marketing in one fixed monthly investment.

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Inbound Marketing Pricing & Packages

Starter Small Business Corporate
Monthly Price Companies that are new to inbound marketing have a limited budget and are looking for a growth rate of 10%
$ 3000
/ per month
Companies that are new to inbound marketing have a limited budget and are looking for a growth rate of 15%+
$ 5,000
/ per month
Companies with aggressive growth goals need a comprehensive inbound marketing program.
$ 8,000
/ per month
See what’s typically included:
Blog Articles / Month
2 -3 Social Media Postings Per Week
1 Account
2 Accounts
3 Acounts
Social Media / Monitoring
One downloadable / resource creation every 6 months.
Landing Page Creation
Buyer Persona Development
Automation / Workflows
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our frequently asked questions are answered here to help you determine if Crafting Hand is right for you.
Am I stuck in a long-term contract?
No. Inbound marketing takes time to see results, which is why we prefer to work with our clients on a 12-month basis. We know things can change, so we don't hold you hostage to any contract length. If you need to leave, it's okay.
How does Hubspot fit into this program?

Hubspot is the tool we use to create, publish and analyze all the work necessary to make your business successful. Much like a construction worker uses a tool belt with all the tools he needs to do the job right, Hubspot has virtually all the tools necessary to make you look awesome!

Hubspot fees are separate from inbound fees and are paid directly to Hubspot. 

What are my obligations when working with Crafting Hand?
We have clients that work a lot with us and others that don't. What we do request is that clients attend regular meetings and provide access to people and materials needed to create quality work. We also ask that our clients review work in a timely fashion. Most clients assign 3-5 hours a week to work with us.
Is inbound marketing right for my business?

In most cases, yes. If your product or service requires a level of education before customers will purchase it, then inbound is probably a good fit for you.

If you are selling widgets that require no explanation and the driving factor for purchase is price, then inbound is not for you. There are other marketing strategies you should employ.