How to use website optimizations to get the best first impression 


A Guide To Reaching High-Value Customers Thew Your Website

How long do you think it takes visitors to decide whether they want to stay on your B2B site? 10 seconds? It’s more like 50 milliseconds... you need to make a good impression fast, putting continuous effort into website optimization. What we’re saying here is - folks, tidy your room.

If your bounce rate is high, too many visitors are landing on your website, taking a look, and going elsewhere. What does that say? Nothing good.

People who browse the web aren’t snobbish, but the fact is they have a lot of alternatives to look at. That’s why you have to make an excellent first impression on website visitors: to guarantee they stick around long enough for you to show them how great you are.

This is our ultimate guide to optimizing your website.


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