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Get A Free Website Audit

Our Mission

Most websites are ditched every 2 to 3 years. Our goal is to create websites, our customers can edit and expand. So our customers can attract new sales. That way when you craft a website with Crafting Hand, you never have to redesign your site again.

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Our Story

Having built hundreds of sites, we noticed a problem in most of the websites out there. Most web pages are hard, if not impossible to change without breaking it for the average joe. Our average customer wasn't tech-savvy but, they desperately wanted to make basic changes on their site without getting their developer involved.  This is why we scoured the internet to find a solution that makes it easy to edit a website as an average joe. 

From this desire crafting hand was founded,   Built on the idea that most people should be able to make edits to their website after all they own it.

Today,  Crafting Hand continues to empower businesses around the country to edit their website and to make changes when they want to.