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Who wants to win a free website worth $10,000?

June 1, 2022 6 PM
Who wants to win a free website worth $10,000?

A better website for a good cause... At Crafting Hand, we are convinced that whoever does good things in life will receive good things in return. "Every day we are working very passionately on making, or shall I say crafting, haha, successful websites. The team came up with the idea to work for free for a good cause and even opted to make that a yearly tradition. I was in immediately." -The Founder of Crafting Hand, Drew Barker

Why are we doing this?

Founder Drew has a dyslexic background and has used dyslexia to his advantage, establishing Crafting Hand. Nowadays, society is increasingly convinced that Dyslexic thinking is a skill that can stand out at work: strong problem-solving skills, great imagination, and creative, big-picture thinking. One can imagine that this wasn't easy when Drew grew  up, and therefore Drew is highly motivated to help others who deserve help in life, but enough about Drew.

www.craftinghand.comhubfsdrew with laptop

How it works?

Do you know a good cause? Do you know of a charity that needs a new website? Let us know your suggest

ion by filling in the form here. We will announce our favorite top 5 suggested charities on June 10th, 2022. And then the public can vote for a winner; stay tuned. You can offer multiple good causes. And of course, also suggest your own charity.

Win A Free Website For Charity

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