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Southwestern Florida’s First Website Agency accepting Crypto Currency

May 9, 2022 2 PM
Southwestern Florida’s First Website Agency accepting Crypto Currency

As of today South Florida's Website Agency, Crafting Hand announced it will be accepting Crypto Currencies as payments for its Website design services. They are the first among South Florida’s Website design companies that have made this innovative move.

Founder and CEO of Crafting Hand, Drew Barker, said, “We are accepting Crypto to help our customers pay us in ways they prefer to pay." He also stated that upon observation, a lot more customers and business owners now prefer to work with companies that allow Crypto Currencies as a payment method.” And Drew then speaks out loud “When Microsoft and Starbucks accept Bitcoins, why wouldn’t we?”. You got a good point there Drew!

After all, this leading-edge technology has been a trending topic in America and also across the globe. FurthermoreCrypto Florida News, Drew Barker added that this new payment method would widen the company’s market and increase its customer acquisition.

At present, there are existing digital marketing agencies that have been accepting digital coins as a form of payment for their services. But since Crafting Hand is an innovative Website design firm in Southwestern Florida, it has customers not only locally but all over the east coast of the United States.

This option will provide Crafting Hand with a further edge over its competitors. Moreover, it will boost its chances of becoming a part of the leading digital web design agencies in the US.

 As of now, Crafting Hand will be accepting transactions using well-known Crypto Currencies. These are namely Bitcoin and Ethereum. As of this writing, there are over 80 million Bitcoin wallets that are utilized worldwide. Accepting Crypto PaymentsThis alone is already an enticing market for any business including website design companies similar to Crafting Hand.

What is Crafting Hand?

Crafting Hand is a Website design firm located in the southwestern part of Florida, specifically in Naples, FL. They also have an office in Tampa, Florida. This Website design firm was founded by Drew Barker in 2014 and has accommodated businesses in and outside Florida. Take a look at their really cool free Website Audit, check it out. Florida Website Design AuditAnd as of now, it’s Florida’s First Website Agency accepting Crypto Currencies.

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