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Drew vs Carly, Crafting Hand Website Design Naples Florida.

June 16, 2022 4 PM
Drew vs Carly, Crafting Hand Website Design Naples Florida.

It is expected that a couple should do things together. They travel together, dine at a restaurant together, attend parties together, and go on to do other activities together. Thus, couples are inseparable and they are strong together. Just like how there are couples that work together. 

Here at Crafting Hand, we have a couple from Florida that are really inseparable. Not even work can separate them. That is because they work together in website design creation. Get to know the couple that made Crafting Hand Website Design Naples Florida a reality: Drew and Carly.

However, just because people are together, it doesn’t imply that they are alike. Couples will always have their own favorites. That is why to get to know the couple, Drew and Carly, we asked them what their favorites are and here are their responses.

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What is Your Favorite Food?

Drew: Tacos for the win! You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They can be filled up with any ingredients, depending on what I would prefer to have. They also go well with any drinks. 

Carly: Salmon. Aside from being delicious, there are many ways to cook salmon. I like it the most when it is smoked. Plus, it is very nutritious and rich in protein and omega-3s. 

What is Your Favorite Drink?

Drew: For me, nothing beats the Margarita as my favorite drink. It exercises my taste buds whenever I have it because of its perfect blended mix of saltiness, bitterness, sweetness, and sourness.

Carly: I always loved the taste of a grapefruit martini. I like the grapefruit garnish the most. Also, I like how the ingredients are easy to procure so you can easily make one at home. 

What is Your Favorite Music?

Drew: Rock music, of course! It keeps me up and energetic, especially if you feel like bopping your head to the beat. After creating a website design, nothing is more stress-relieving than letting loose with some Rock n’ Roll. 

Carly: I like different genres of music but Pop songs have been dominating my playlist. Whenever I scroll through social media and hear some amazing pop music, I tend to search it up and add it to my playlist. 

What is Your Favorite Book?

Drew: Excuse the language, but my favorite book is “Rich as F*ck” by Amanda Frances. I like how it changed my perspective about money.  It also provides a lot of effective tips on how to manage your money and how to earn more money. 

Carly: I am very fascinated with the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. I like that it teaches you that you can have anything you want as long as you think you can have it and you work to get it. It makes me feel like nothing is impossible in this world if I set my heart to it. 

What is Your Favorite Place?

Drew: I like taking a quick relaxing vacation in Siesta Key, which is located in Sarasota County here in Florida. It has the best beach in the country and is just slightly over an hour's drive from the office. 

Carly: Oh! I love to go to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. I love its pristine beaches and its picturesque cliff views, most especially during the sunset. I also like that restaurants there offer fresh seafood.  

What is Your Favorite Quote?

Drew: “Do your best” No explanations needed. 

Carly: “The best is yet to come.” When I feel like nothing is going my way, I like to have this quote empower me. 

What is the Best Advice You Can Give to Others?

Drew: Same as my favorite quote. “Do your best.”

Carly: “Go after something even when you don’t think you can have it”

More about Drew and Carly, Crafting hand Website Design Naples Florida.

We also asked them a few personal questions. One of them is about how long they have been together. Drew answered that they have been together as a couple for seven and a half years now.

When we asked where they met, Carly answered that they met here in Tampa, back when they were still at the University of Tampa, Florida. 

Then we asked if they still remembered their first words to each other when they met. Drew answered with a giggle, “Carly said “I got lost in your eyes”.”

Get To Know Drew and Carly.

Drew and Carly worked together here at Crafting Hand Website Design Naples Florida by providing attractive website design and social media marketing services for our clients. Visit them on their social media profiles and check out their marketing services!

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