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Crafting Hand is now offering a website maintenance service.

July 7, 2022 3 PM
Crafting Hand is now offering a website maintenance service.

Crafting Hand has recently launched a new service to accommodate the needs of their website design clients. This is the website maintenance service to assist clients in keeping their website up to date, active, and functional. 

Drew Barker, Crafting Hand’s Founder and CEO, believes that their website services should not end with just a live website design. After all, the work doesn’t end after launching the website. Thus, he approved the creation of a website maintenance service.

What is Crafting Hand?

Crafting Hand is a web design company in Tampa and Naples, Florida. It is known for creating easy-to-edit and eye-catching website designs. Recently, it has started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for its service and has returned to Twitter. 

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What is Crafting Hand’s Website Maintenance Service?

Crafting Hand’s website maintenance service includes checking and enabling software and plug-in updates. Existing content, such as text and images, will also be updated every month, as well as other general improvements. Crafting Hand’s new service also includes web page additions and two new blog posts a month to keep the web content fresh and engaging. 

Every month, web maintenance clients will get a report from Crafting Hand. The said report will break down the specific maintenance and improvement that Crafting Hand did for their website in that particular month. 

How much is the Website Maintenance Service?

The service fee for the website maintenance will be $500 USD a month. But as a special promo, the first three months are FREE if the client avails of the 12-month package. This will save the clients $1,500 USD for their website maintenance. Stay tuned for more updates from Crafting Hand.



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