4 Web Design Facts Every Company Needs To Know About Today

When it comes to making the most of the Internet, the importance of having a professional website cannot be emphasized enough.  A clutter-free, dynamic, and responsive website can help you engage your target audience, improve reputation, get quality leads, and increase your conversion rate. Below are 4 facts that every company needs to know today about web design:

A clean and simple design never goes out of fashion

A study shows that around 48 percent of visitors consider website design an important factor when determining the credibility of a website. Websites with slow loading pages or pages that are confusing to interact with run the risk of losing visitors to their competition.'

For a clean and simple design, avoid using too many features and components on pages. Make sure every page element has a purpose. When deciding a page element, seek answers to these questions:

  1. How will the element impact the performance of your website?
  2. Will your users mind if you suddenly remove the element?
  3. Does your design really need the element?
  4. How will the element impact your user experience?
  5. How does the element tie into your messaging, goals, and purpose of the site?

Your website should be accessible and intuitive to your users

Most users are accustomed to simple interaction patterns, web interfaces, and site features. Before making changes to your website, remember to keep the preferences of your target audience in mind.

No one likes visiting a website with pages that take eons to load or are extremely difficult to navigate. In today’s digital age, a clutter-free and user-friendly website is an essential ingredient for business success.

Your website design has a major influence on your business’s credibility and reputation. So how long do you have to make a positive first impression? Just 50 milliseconds!

A study shows that once a website loads, an average visitor takes just a fraction of a second to form an opinion about it.

To ensure you do not miss the window of opportunity, use appropriate background themes and images that pique your visitors’ curiosity, giving them a reason to explore more. Make sure the content layout is in line with your user’s expectations. Remember that the first interaction that your visitors have with your website determines their buying decision.

Decreasing the loading time of a page can increase conversions by 74 percent

Speed is critical for any website

Studies show that around 47 percent of users expect a page to load in two seconds or less. Around 39 percent of users leave a page that takes more than a couple of seconds to materialize.

Every second counts. An increase of even a second in page loading times can cause the conversion rate to drop by 7 percent. If, on the other hand, you are successful in decreasing the loading time from 8 to 2 seconds, your conversion rate can jump by 74 percent.

To speed up your website, optimize your images and caches. Get rid of redirects, minimize HTTP requests, and eliminate unnecessary plugins.

Responsive and mobile-friendly websites are in demand

The number of people who use smartphones to browse the Internet is increasing with each passing year. Google has clearly stated that responsive and mobile-friendly websites will be favored in search results.

A study found that around 70 percent of homepages miss CTAs. Though a small step, adding a CTA button can have a range of benefits, one of them being improved conversions. It can also encourage visitors to sign up for promotional material.

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